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Lieutenant Witold Pilecki

For every bit of harm that World War II ever inflicted on the world, it gave us the clearest view into human resolve and strength ever in history. Every side of the conflict had heroes; every side had men and women who defied reality with their courage and will. I believe one individual stands among the pinnacle of the greatest heroes of that age: Witold Polecki. He was a Polish soldier who sported an incredible career, but every act of courage and heroism pales compared to the mission for which he was most known, which began in 1940. …

Weather is something godly. In the Judeo-Abrahamic context, it isn’t so dissimilar from man’s capricious and sometimes inimical relationship with its god. However these incidents are not acts of a malignant god, but what the public calls global warming. Global warming as we know it starts with what climatologist and geophysicist Michael E. Mann calls “stagnation in wave resonance” in his article, The Weather Amplifier (Mann, 2019), however, it certainly doesn’t end there. In the same article, Mann also mentions that it was the regulation and reduction of sulfur dioxide and CO2 aerosols, leading to unabated solar insolation and increased…

Moshe Lee

A goofball who will write about precisely anything. Pretty good at it too.

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